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Golf Course Review Diamond Bar Golf Course Diamond Bar California

Diamond Bar Golf Club

Diamond Bar, CA

Reviewed by: RDDenn, Redondo Beach
Played here in a tournament starting at 9:00 am. POP was interesting – we were on a 4 to 4 1/2 hour pace for most of the day, just about the best pace I have seen at a county course. And then not. The last four or five holes were done very slowly so we came in at around 5 hours.

The review

Golf Playing Conditions 6.10 GOOD
Golf Playing Conditions 6.10 GOOD

The course was in good shape. They had put quite a bit of water on it because of the hot weather and it played pretty long for this course (although we played the whites so not that long). I don’t recall being in any sand but it looked pretty good from seeing others hit out of it. The rough was hit and miss. There is some gnarly stuff at odd spots (like in the drainage area in front of the 10th tee where we spent several minutes looking for my gopher ball tee shot (only to find it in the middle of the fairway at the 150 marker after I had gone back and re-hit)) including a two foot square area on the edge of the 4th fairway where I thought I had caught a lucky break (Not) after shanking into the trees and having it bounce back toward our fairway. Other areas of the rough were moderate to not a factor. There are some drier areas in the fairways but overall it was a good hitting surface.

The greens were simply outstanding. Quite quick. Fast. The guy I was riding with had a great ball striking day and shot an 81 with six three putts. You could not be above the hole and hope to score well. The greens have some slopes in different directions too, not all back to front like you see on some courses, so it was difficult for those of us that have not played here in a while to know where below the hole was located.

Additional Thoughts

The service was generally good. The ladies at the starter desk were extremely helpful and efficient (they had carts set aside with our club name on them for the tourney) and the cart (young) lady was very nice and we saw her several times. The snack stand they have behind the 10th tee was closed requiring a walk to the café because you cannot drive a cart up to it. They did not have any hot dogs ready (at noon!), the cook went and got them from the cooler, and I found out mine was cold in the middle as I was walking to the 10th tee. That is my only complaint, other than the shanks, from a nice day at the course. I’ll be back.

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