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Golf Course Review Elkins Ranch Golf Course Fillmore California

Elkins Ranch Golf Course

Golf Course Review Elkins Ranch Golf Course Fillmore California

Reviewed by: kviser, Saugus, CA
I played here again today. What a difference; sadly, the course is back to its somewhat good-to-mediocre standard. Too bad, it was really nice that last time here in mid March. The starter said they are about 50% staff, so no way will they be able to keep on double cutting greens or keep such a high level of maintenance. Folks showed up with masks, but nobody was required to wear one as everyone was basically more than 6 feet apart.

That said, it was all walking due to C19. This is definitely a course to walk, although the back nine has a little climbing from Hole 12 tee to 17 tee. Thankfully, they were doing a back nine start; my guess, most likely for that reason alone. Get the bigger climbs done before heading to the relatively flatter front nine.

The Review

Golf Playing Conditions 6.73 GOOD
Golf Playing Conditions 6.73 GOOD

Greens were decent. A little slow in the morning, but not really getting much quicker as the day progressed. They were definitely slower than usual. Maybe, if I had to guess, around an 8 or 9.

Fairways and rough were as green as can be. The fairways had great coverage and had a thick mat of turf in almost all areas of the course. The rough was somewhat penal. It was deep enough to lose site of your ball in some areas until you were upon it.

Bunkers were okay, considering there are no rakes. I did see a guy driving the sand pro around and some bunkers were nicely groomed. I hit into the bunker On Hole 13; it was groomed but was wet and hard.

We played the white tees; mostly they were directly in front of the blues on the same tee box. They were level for the most part and the ones that were not level were not overly so.

the Bottom-line

Overall, I think we paid a little too much. It was $50 to walk at 7:10 a.m. Unfortunately, the only times I could find the day before was on The course had nothing available and the phone system put me on hold for 15 minutes when I called the them on Thursday. On a more positive note, the beverage cart came around a few times and the nice, young lady was friendly and seemed to enjoy being out there. I might come back, but there are other options around now.