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Golf Course Review Four Mile Golf Club Canon City Colorado

Four Mile Golf Club

Canon City, CO

Reviewed by: segnem, Colorado Springs

Golf Playing Conditions 7.40 GREAT
Golf Playing Conditions 7.40 GREAT

I played Four Mile Ranch yesterday, Aug 5, 2018. The course is exactly like the previous reviews. Tee to green it is in amazing shape. They apparently have some sort of watering rights and are able to maintain the course. It is green and lush throughout.

If I had to pick a word to describe it, “quirky” would be it. The greens have multiple “bowls” and will a lot of times reward off line or even bad shots by funneling them back in the direction of the hole. However, there are some greens with a hogs back and if you are on the wrong side a three putt is likely in your future. The driving range has a really nicely manicured grass hitting area to a desert landing area. The putting green is very accurate to the rest of the course’s greens. Lots of terrain change and the speed is very close.

Considering Four Mile, here is my advice: Get a yardage book from the starter and read the advice on each hole. You won’t hit driver often, maybe hole 16 and definitely 18. There are very wide landing areas if you hit to them and not through them. Also, there are a lot of blind shots into the greens. If you aren’t being pushed, drive up to the green and see what you are hitting at. Shots over the berms generally have the green right behind it without much if any room to miss on any side of the generous sized greens.

Like the previous reviews said, you will either love the course or hate it. Either way, it is always in amazing shape.