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Golf Course Review Hidden Valley Golf Club Norco California

Hidden Valley Golf Club

Golf Course Review Hidden Valley Golf Club Norco, CA

Reviewed by: gary00, san clemente

Golf Playing Conditions 6.38 GOOD
Golf Playing Conditions 6.38 GOOD

Played 11/5 Pace of Play (POP) 4 1/2 hours following a deliberate threesome that was part of a 9 man outing.  They pretty much fell 2 holes behind by the end of the round–it was a little frustrating waiting on most shots but it was a really nice day and quite scenic. Everything is green.

Fairways are very green but soft and cut rather long with some areas that were quite wet; no roll out to speak of. Rough is longish and juicy penal both for stopping the ball and challenging for the next shot. Tees pretty much on the good side level and with ample cover. Some were recently plugged but not an issue for play just not a good visual with the extracted plugs lying around.
Fortunately did not get in any green side bunkers which looked like groomed mud. Found 1 fairway bunker which was packed wet hard pan and was actually playable.

Greens look good and healthy but on closer inspection were very recently verticut and are rather soft leading to some bumpiness very challenging on the 3-4 footers especially down-hill. Speed medium. Did not get to use the practice green as it was also cut but not swept so the were grass clippings everywhere.

Layout provides lot of variety with elevation changes forced carries large sloped tiered greens with potential for diabolical pin placements–and by the way downhill, uphill and side-hill lies for good measure.

Friendly staff. Rating came out on the low side 6.5 seems more fair.