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Golf Course Review Hunter Ranch Golf Course Paso Robles California

Hunter Ranch Golf Course

Golf Course Review Hunter Ranch Golf Course Paso Robles California

Reviewed by: Alex326, Monterey, Ca

Golf Playing Conditions 7.73 GREAT
Golf Playing Conditions 7.73 GREAT

Played mid-day on a semi-busy day. Had a bit of an issue with the starter (inside the pro-shop). We were a twosome who naturally had been paired up on the tee sheet with two singles.

We get to the first tee and there is a 4-some practice putting getting ready to go. I ask them their tee time and they were behind us. So, I teed off and my buddy gets ready to do the same. Starter tells us to hold up until the other two arrived. 5 minutes later one of the guys shows up and we go off as a threesome.

Here’s my dilemma, Why hold up 6 people because 1 or 2 are LATE for their tee time. Why not send off the others first and then let the stragglers filter in being that no one was scheduled to go on after the foursome behind us. Just my thoughts.

The Review

Condition wise the course was in solid shape. Greens were perfectly smooth and rolling medium-fast+. I was surprised at how firm the greens were for as wet as its been this year.

Fairways were fairly lush with some thin/wet spots here and there. Rough was spotty after the first cut. Tee boxes were level, lush and divot free. I was only in one sand trap and it was very nice. POP was on the slow side but that was probably because the two other players in my group each shot triple digits and had a lot of lost balls which always slows things down. Plus it was cart path only which can be a bear if things are going awry.

This Reviewer’s Additional Thoughts

I always like the layout of Hunter with it’s elevation changes and water hazards plus some forced carries over gully’s. There are some annoying trees placed in the middle of the fairways. There are plenty of strategic holes demanding shot placement off the tee mixed in with grip it and rip holes. Wind is usually a factor at Hunter Ranch but most holes are north/south to the wind so there’s not too much crosswind.