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Golf Course Review Mojave Resort Golf Club Laughlin Nevada

Mojave Resort Golf Club

Golf Course Review Mojave Resort Golf Club Laughlin Nevada

Reviewed by: cbubaseball9, Riverside, CA
Played Mojave Resort on a recent trip to the Avi Casino for a wedding. I went out as a single (the wife rode along) in the late afternoon and finished in less than 3 hours.

The Review

Golf Playing Conditions 7.23 GREAT
Golf Playing Conditions 7.23 GREAT

This course checked all the boxes for me.

Layout – Fun layout in my opinion. The course is pretty straight forward but you do not feel like you are playing the same hole over and over again. I really enjoyed the finishing holes – 16-17-18. All three are great holes and look like they could be challenging, especially is the wind picks up. Each has water waiting for any errant shot. Great holes. A lot of the greens have run off areas so if you are slightly off on your approach, it could go down the slope and end up 10 yards from the green.

Condition – I thought the condition was great. The fairways and areas around the green are very closely mowed so you have to be very precise with the short game. Tee boxes were in good same. Fairways were excellent – not a bad lie all day. Fairways are pretty generous even though a few holes on the back 9 do run through a housing community.

My Thoughts

If you are ever staying at the Avi or are in the area, I highly recommend this course. It is very close to the Avi Casino (almost walking distance). I was going to go up and play Laughlin Ranch instead of the Mojave Resort Course, but do to time constraints, I was not able to. I was not disappointed and I was actually pleasantly surpised. Go check it out – you will enjoy it. I would definitely play it again if I was in the area.