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Golf Course Review Morongo Golf Club Tuckwet Canyon (LEGENDS) Beaumont California

Morongo Golf Club Tukwet Canyon (Legends)

Beaumont, CA

Reviewed by: weeman68, pasadena

Playing Conditions 5.67 Good
Playing Conditions 5.67 Good

Skipped across the road to Morongo after Oak Valley (they have remodelled the bar/restaurant – nice! But the pro shop took a hit when they did so and is now kinda pokey – not nice!)

Zipped around in about 2.5 hours as a single. Finally – a more or less green golf course!

There were a few patches here and there of dormancy and a few bare areas too, but overall conditions tee to green were good. Sand traps were still flooded in places and generally firm/crusty with decent sized rocks in them. Just like at Oak, the rough was penal, US Open stuff (but not as severe as at Oak).

Greens were better here, but they contain about 50% poa and that affected the line and speed noticeably at times. Still, I paid 25 bucks on a Sunday afternoon so I am not too fussed. (18 greens is trashed at the parts that border the water hazard fyi – no grass, just dirt.mud.)