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Golf Course Review Oak Valley Golf Club Beaumont California

Oak Valley Golf Club

Golf Course Review Oak Valley Golf Club Beaumont California

Reviewed by: noeldaof, Antelope Valley

Golf Playing Conditions 7.73 GREAT
Golf Playing Conditions 7.73 GREAT

Saturday the 20th, October, about noon was when we tee’d off. It was breezy, but a nice clear day of mid 70s.

There was a twosome- a father and son who I was paired with. In front of us were a foursome who was fast in some holes but very slow with more than a few holes making it a 4 hours and 20 minutes round total- not that bad, but it didn’t help to see that there was no one in front of them for about 2 whole holes.

It was a busy day, there were a lot of people on the range and we see the carts making the turn from the ninth- the parking lot was almost full that day.

The Review

Their aeration was done more than a month ago and the course is looking good. The greens were rolling nicely and fast (thumbs up on that!). The fairways were also nice and lush but there’s a few areas that were over watered but it wasn’t much in play. The teeing grounds looks good, too. The bunkers looks like sand were added, but it was mixed with lots of gravel/pebbles (about the size of a penny- I didn’t care for it at all. The rough was tall in many areas that were not in play, but along both sides of the fairways, you can see that they’ve mowed it down nicely. So it was maybe 3 and 4 inches tall and boy it was lush and it made it a little difficult to find the ball much more getting out of it.

The guys at their pro shop are always good including the starter up at #1. The beverage cart came around at least three times.

Final Thought

So all in all the course is in good shape and it looks like it will only get better through the winter and we can definitely see many rounds here or at least this course will be a choice contender for the winter.

Good job Oak Valley GC!!