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Golf Course Review Recreation Park (18) Long Beach California

Recreation Park Golf Course (18)

Golf Course Review Recreation Park (18) Long Beach California

Reviewed by: caligolfer1031, Paramount

Golf Playing Conditions 5.83 GOOD
Golf Playing Conditions 5.83 GOOD

Played on Monday, Memorial Day, to what was a perfect weather day. Tee’d off at 2:00 to what seemed like a uncrowded course, but the round still too 5 hours because of a very slow group two groups in front of us. The course was moving until hole 8 where the was three groups waiting to tee off. I haven’t played “Big Rec” in years and I very much enjoyed myself. The conditions were decent.

Tees – The tees have been punched recently, but that did not effect anything.

Fairways – good lies the entire day, not in great shape but they are very playable.

Rough – rough is a mixed bag, from very thick and nasty to thin.

Bunkers – this sand with a hard bottom. Had a difficult time getting the ball to stop on the greens when hitting from the bunkers. The greens were fast and you need to be able to spin the ball out of the bunkers to have a good chance.

Greens – Rolled medium fast leaning towards the faster side. It is a heavily played course and not may people fix ball marks. It took me a few holes to get used to the speed. the rolled good most of the day and became bumpy towards the end of the day.

Overall I enjoyed my round as this course has a good variety of holes and some are just downright fun to play. Course is not overly difficult and good scores can be had here. I will be back soon.