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Golf Course Review Ridge Creek Dinuba Golf club Dinuba California

Ridge Creek Dinuba Golf Club

Golf Course Review Ridge Creek Dinuba Golf club Dinuba California

Reviewed by: 3-4bravo, Bakersfield, CA

Golf Playing Conditions 7.18 GREAT
Golf Playing Conditions 7.18 GREAT

Played Sunday, 3/1 as part of the VGA outing. Off at noon on a cold windy day, Ridge Creek was in great shape; my golf game was not.

As is with this course, as long as you stay in the fairway you have a chance to put up a good score. Leave it out in the wilderness and you’re going to have a rough time out there, like I did.

Fairways were still dormant but great to hit from. Plenty of grass with good roots allowed you to compress irons well.

The blue tee boxes left some to be desired. Some had a lot of divot marks, were uneven and generally kinda beat up. Would love to see them repair them and move the tee boxes since there is so many to choose from out there.

Rough was cut short until you got to the native frog hair and bushes. Wasn’t penal until you ended up there.

Sand traps left much to be desired as well. Thin with a bunch of rocks in them. I’ve always remembered Ridge Creek having decent traps, so it was a shame to see them in the state they were in.

The greens made up for the minor inconsistencies, though. They were in fantastic shape, rolling medium fast to fast, and very true. If you hit it on the correct line with the right pace you knew it was going in. They were a real treat to play on yesterday.

In all, Ridge Creek is a great course that will challenge you, especially when the wind picks up like it did yesterday. Can’t wait to get out there again.