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Golf Course Review Roosevelt Golf Course Los Angeles California

Roosevelt Golf Course

Golf Course Review Roosevelt Golf Course Los Angeles California

ALERT: Aeration
Could be doing minor aeration during Fall 2019. Calls to the LA City golf courses and checking the LA City Golf Course website have provided very little or no information about when minor aeration will or will not occur. However there have been posts from golfers that this is occurring so hence this alert.
* Although researches all alerts before posting, we ask that you please contact the golf course for confirmation.

Reviewed by: roarksown1, Playa del Rey

Played the newly revamped Roosevelt on Sunday with bnaso and his son with a 9:44am tee time and walking it. Was very excited to see some of the changes that have happened here since they put some money into fixing up the place and updating the irrigation system.

The Review

Golf Playing Conditions 6.05 GOOD
Golf Playing Conditions 6.05 GOOD

Overall, the course still plays mostly the same way. They added in a few bunkers here, moved some there, and removed some others elsewhere. The most prominent changes? Big bunker in the middle of the fairway on the 4th hole and trees removed for the draw. There are no longer fences backstopping the greens on the 4th and 9th holes. The bunker guarding the 7th hole green is now just mounds. The bunker on the fifth hole in the middle of the fairway appears to have been moved more to the left from the tee box.

What else has improved? Drinking fountains! They’re great and a nice addition. They’ve also updated the parking lot with more spaces (great idea!) and the restaurant/snack shop is modernized and apparently more dog and kid friendly. I never thought the old one needed replacing though.

Conditions were somewhat better than I remember most of the time at Roosevelt, but conditions never bothered me much here because it’s such a unique nine-hole experience. The terrain and holes are varied, there are elevations and narrow chutes, some wide open fairways and of course the scenery, topography and wildlife is second to none in the region.

Fairways were in pretty good shape this time around with a lot fewer thin or burned out areas than my last visits a few years ago. Tee boxes remain a difficulty here though as they’re mostly beat up and bare. Bunkers had some decent sand in them to get the job done. The greens were pretty good in terms of roll and holding shots, but there were some areas of damage and a lot of ball marks from lazy golfers.

Parting Thoughts

I always enjoy coming to this course when time is of the essence and want a quality experience and don’t have to break the bank to do it. Always recommend this place, especially if you’ve never played it before. It’s very cool.