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Golf Course Review Rustic Canyon Golf Course Moorpark California

Rustic Canyon Golf Course

Golf Course Review Rustic Canyon Golf Course Moorpark California

Reviewed by: chasing_bogeys, Moorpark, CA
Played Rustic Canyon for the 1st time on Monday 6/3 after work ($24 to ride). Teed off around 5:15 with another single and was hoping to fly through the course. That wasn’t the case on the front 9. For a Monday afternoon it was crowded!

The Review

Golf Playing Conditions 7.62 GREAT
Golf Playing Conditions 7.62 GREAT

Besides that, it is an absolutely amazing course. The tee boxes were in good shape (a lot of divots as it was late in the day, but full grass coverage and it was easy to find a good place to tee up). The fairways were mowed short but fully covered and never had a bad or bare lie in the fairway. They were firm! Ball rolled out quite a bit.
Greens were in great shape. Firm, fast, rolled true. They are VERY contoured and challenging. The negative on the greens is that there are a LOT of unfixed ball marks. (editorial – come on guys and gals! Fix your ball marks! It’s a badge of honor to have to pull that tool out of your pocket. even if you miss the green pull it out and fix a couple!!!).

The course is absolutely gorgeous. It’s set back in the hills and leaves a lot of the local terrain untouched. The holes are creative and enjoyable. It is BY FAR the best value I have ever seen in golf. If you dropped this into Orange County or farther south in LA county it would be $75+ to play it.


TLDR – Course is amazing and in great shape! Get out and play before it gets too hot!

Editor’s Note:  TLDR = “Too Long, Didn’t Read” for long posts….