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Golf Course Review Spyglass Hill Golf Course Pebble Beach California

Spyglass Hill Golf Course

Golf Course Review Spyglass Hill Golf Course Pebble Beach California

Reviewed by: Alex326, Monterey, Ca
After riding 20 of the last 23 days during the Tour de France, I can finally get back to playing some golf. I figured there’s no better place to get back on the horse than The Glass. Tee’d off this morning just before 9am in the traditional cool damp fog. Is there any better way to play this place?!

The pro shop forewarned us that the fairways had been punched and there is a temporary green on the 17th while they flatten out the regular green to make it more manageable for the pros. NOTE: The temp green is small but a true green with the same grass and speed as the others. The normal green should be up and running in about 10-14 days.

The Review

Golf Playing Conditions 8.88 GREAT
Golf Playing Conditions 8.88 GREAT

Course conditions remain top notch all around. Greens were spectacular. Smooth, pitch mark free and rolling at a medium-fast speed. Just the way you want them. Greens easily held a well struck approach shot.

Even with the aeration holes in the fairway, I never had a bad lie. In fact other than looking at them while walking from the tee box to my ball, I wouldn’t have noticed it. Fairways were dark green in color and lush offering a great platform to hit from.

Rough was thick. Only about 2″-3″ tall but very thick. Getting a hybrid on the ball proved to be a challenge at times but irons were manageable. Skirt areas around the greens were top notch. always presented a good lie. I had an amble sampling of bunkers on the front nine and can tell you that the sand was excellent every-time. I never once had an issue coming out of the traps and I’m a terrible bunker player.

Tee boxes were the low point. Last time here, the tee boxes were like manicured artificial turf they were so perfect. This time they was nice (level and lush) but nothing spectacular. A couple of the par 3’s had a number of divots.

POP was just a tad over 4 hrs. Not bad considering it was busy as usual and we were backed up by the third hole. It quickly eased up (my triple bogey on #4 probably helped) and we only had minor waiting one or two other times the rest of the day.

Parting Thoughts

Spyglass is always a great course that offers excellent conditions and service. As I mentioned before The Glass is all about the golf. And great golf it is!!