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Golf Course Review Strawberry Farms Golf Club Irvine California

Strawberry Farms Golf Club

Golf Course Review Strawberry Farms Golf Club Irvine California

Reviewed by: sbarajasjr, San Diego
Played here today (6/26) on a 9:00AM tee time with GK member Jon P. on what turned out to be a warm but very comfortable Chamber of Commerce day in Irvine. First time playing here and I’m glad I did. I had been dissuaded by some to try and play here as either the layout wasn’t to their liking or 6 hour round horror stories, but what I found was a great course with some quirk to it, though nothing you’d shake your head at. Pace today was also dictated entirely by our playing partners (members at Strawberry Farms) who played as fast as I have ever seen in my life and forced our way past an incredibly slow foursome ahead of us.

The Review

Golf Playing Conditions 6.86 GOOD
Golf Playing Conditions 6.86 GOOD

Tees: Played the whites and got lucky as most people played the blues and I’m sure those tees were more worn than ours. No real bad lies and even on par 3’s I was able to find a nice spot to hit from.

Fairways: I’d say good shape overall with ample coverage (carts did have divot mix) and fair roll all day. Visually it was nice to have the colors easily indicate good/bad shots.

Rough: I can’t recall it being overtly penal, however I attribute good play today to my lack of further information about the rough.

Bunkers: The ones I was in all had good fluffy sand and even limited footprints! It was a nice change of pace from others courses that seemed to let the bunkers go.

Greens: Wonderful, albeit a bit slow especially early on; left plenty of putts short today. No major trickery on the breaks and I found the roll to be true.

Final Thoughts

ETC: Staff today was friendly, check-in a breeze with the prepayment online. Carts have good GPS and enough giddy up. Pace as mentioned today was good due to our partners (got around in 3.5 hours!) however outside of that I’m sure it would have been closer to 4-4.25. Conditions are good, and the course IS overpriced but on a good deal (>100) you should come out!