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Golf Course Review Sycuan Golf Resort WILLOW GLEN El Cajon California

Sycuan Golf Resort (Willow Glen)

Golf Course Review Sycuan Golf Resort WILLOW GLEN El Cajon, CA

Reviewed by: sbarajasjr, San Diego

Golf Playing Conditions 6.01 GOOD
Golf Playing Conditions 6.01 GOOD

Played here yesterday (9/9/18) with fellow GK member molebio (Natalio) on a GN Hot Deal for $38 on a hot Sunday afternoon (12:07pm scheduled tee time). Showed up and it was about 95 degrees with a parking lot only 60% filled, so I licked my chops at the prospect of a quick round. Hadn’t been out here in a few months at least and it was great to see Willow in better condition than last time. Even the brutal summer months couldn’t drain the green and good conditions from this great property.

Tee boxes: Overall okay condition. It’s hard to really mess up a tee-box for me unless it is bare dirt and/or completely unlevel. Neither was the case today, although the turf density did vary a bit (it was harder to drive the tee into the ground on some holes). Boxes were a bit patchy too, but that is to be expected after noon.

Fairways: Good condition. They were all green, had excellent roll with just enough crisp in the grass to skid smashed drives along, and most fairways had excellent grass coverage. Nice to see the summer heat didn’t destroy the turf too much out here.

Rough: Where it existed at its thickest, it was penal. I distinctly remember hole 2 and 8 as ones where I got completely lost trying to find a wayward drive, so it is out there and can swallow up any missed shot.

Bunkers: I was only in one and was able to get out no problem. The sand here is more beach than Augusta, however it appeared that most bunkers were raked and fairly playable.

Greens: Good condition overall (except for hole 2). The speed was not insane, the breaks were a bit tricky at times, but overall the condition was better than expected.

Final Thoughts

ETC: Pace of play due to heat and start of football season was only 3 hours! Staff was friendly and useful. Carts are newer with good GPS, however, ours had a breaking issue (thankfully the course is not terribly hilly outside of hole 4). Course layout is fun and for $38 it was a complete steal. Recommended especially as the weather cools and they keep watering the course.