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Golf Course review TPC Scottsdale STADIUM Scottsdale Arizona

TPC Scottsdale (Stadium)

Golf Course Review TPC Scottsdale STADIUM Scottsdale Arizona

Reviewed by: sdscratchorbust, Scottsdale

Golf Playing Conditions 8.42 GREAT
Golf Playing Conditions 8.42 GREAT

I got a coworker to come with me and play the Stadium at twilight before they shut it down here quickly.

Scottsdale was recently hit with a extreme cold spell, rain, and frost. The course was immaculate a few weeks ago. But it looks like the cold spell killed the grass in the divots, and ball marks. The course was showing a lot of damage in the aprons around the greens. Still in great shape but not the flawless tour quality at the moment. I’m sure when they shut it down for a few weeks it will be perfect for the pros.

The stadium is finished. You have to play it once in your life. No other shot in golf like it that has the same feel. I understand TPC Scottsdale gets a bad rap because it doesn’t tie in to any natural features of the land and definitely has the artificial feel to it. I love seeing different golf courses take courses to different extremes i.e. “The Gauntlet” that is PGA WEST Stadium, the untouched natural beauty of a Rustic Canyon links style, or the over-the-top flair bunkering of a Faldo designed course.

The finish here is exhilarating. To be able to go for an island par 5 in two on 15. Then a makeable hole in one look at the short 16th. Then an easily driveable par 4. Followed by a risk reward finish on 18. (Lay up with a 3 wood or flirt the death pew bunkers on the left and try to split the fairway with a driver to set up an attackable birdie) You can finish with 4 birdies in a row easily.

I think it’s fun to have a course that isn’t stuck in the past and has a different golf experience offered.