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Golf Course Review Wolf Creek Golf Club Mesquite Nevada

Wolf Creek Golf Club

Golf Course Review Wolf Creek Golf Club Mesquite Nevada

ALERT: Overseeding
Will be overseeding 9/3 – 9/19, reopening 9/20 and likely cart path only for 2-3 weeks.
* Although researches all alerts before posting, we ask that you please contact the golf course for confirmation.

Reviewed by: dartam3536, Port Washington ny

Golf Playing Conditions 8.01 GREAT
Golf Playing Conditions 8.01 GREAT

I have never played this course but heard from some buddies that this is a must play. So I made a tee time on a recent trip to Vegas and drove up to Mesquite. First of all the drive isn’t bad at all it’s a straight shot up 15. Driving in the parking lot didn’t look all impressive as by buddies said however I entered the huge golf shop with tons of cool stuff. Sure it was expensive but what top golf course offers a logo shirt for $50.

I then saw a video of the course on a welcome area TV and got a glimpse of a hole from the restaurant. All of a sudden I couldn’t get to the first tee fast enough.

Got to the first tee and stood 150ft over the first fairway – what a freaking view! I could comment on every hole but honestly you have to see it for yourself. Every hole was a blast to play. Elevations, canyons and did I mention unbelievable conditions. How do they keep this place so pristine? I saw some mowers permanently stationed on some tee boxes.

I’ve played some of the most iconic private clubs in NY. The uniqueness and shear enjoyment of this place is second to none. I am not one to gloat but this place is just that cool. This club is all 10s. Will be back with at least 4 friends. I am sure they will buy me dinner after I introduce them to wolf creek.