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Golf Course Review Wolf Run Golf Club Reno Nevada

Wolf Run Golf Club

Golf Course Review Wolf Run Golf Club Reno Nevada

Reviewed by: AndrewZ28, Vista, CA

Playing Conditions 7.86 GREAT
Playing Conditions 7.86 GREAT

Played a late afternoon 9 (Back 9) here on August 24th. We got to Reno later in the day and only had time for 9 but this course was really enjoyable.

There are two things that stood out to me about this course:

1) The greens are diabolical. They don’t look too severe but they were FAST, and the ball would roll all over the place. Downwind, front pin you had no chance. I absolutely love greens like this….just not the first time you play them.

2) We didn’t see any marmots. Was really looking forward to that.

The Review

As for the course conditions, I thought they were really solid. There were quite a few really wet, soft spots in the fairways and I’m guessing this time of year, for that type of grass, they really need to soak them A LOT to keep them alive. But outside of those spots I had nothing but really pure lies.

As I mentioned, the greens were really fast and firm, but they rolled pretty true. I have to imagine earlier in the day they are pretty close to perfect. After a day of play and wind in the afternoon they got a little bumpy. I will say that I can’t remember a course having as many unfixed, BIG ball marks as Wolf Run. My playing partner and I couldn’t figure out why but my guess is that a lot of the time when you land on the green your ball would roll out 20-30 feet away (even on wedges) and maybe people couldn’t figure out where they landed (?). But outside of that, great surfaces.

What I really enjoyed was the layout. We played the back and while the first couple holes are pretty basic, there’s a lot of good shot values out there and I think the course was designed well to take into account the terrain, the weather and the type of turf they have. It was really a lot of fun!

Parting Thoughts

We paid $30 for the 4 PM twilight rate and I think we could have finished 18 if we turned and burned. But we were practicing for a tournament the next day and just wanted to hit some shots, have a couple beers and see some marmots.

Next year when I’m up there I’ll definitely try and go back. Everyone at Wolf Run was great and the setting is pretty cool. Definitely give it a shot when in the Reno area. I think you’d really enjoy it.