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Golf is Really Social?

The Inaugural Group at River Ridge Golf Course and GK Plays Tee Times
The Inaugural Group at River Ridge Golf Course and GK Plays Tee Times

Golf is a solitary sport or so I thought.  On it’s most primitive level it pits you against the golf course and what she has to throw at you — mano a mano.  Sometimes the course can be nice but oftentimes fickle and that is putting it nicely.

There is an aspect of golf however that is social as well.  Golf is not really all that solitary.  You play in groups.  Oftentimes a round of golf is with friends or even colleagues.  My dad told me years ago that English may be the language of business but it’s golf that seals the deals.  You want to close a deal; take them out for a round of golf.  So there is a social aspect to golf as well.

At the start of the round we may not know someone but after the round we have a keener insight into those individuals.

Golf Social with GK Events
Golf Social with GK Events

I have seen a good deal of golfing apps really put a focus on the social aspect of golf.  Their attempt is to create instant camaraderie with total strangers.  Personally I find that a difficult task.  I liken it to a blind date or some mysterious box of chocolates — “You never know what you’re gonna get.”  I for one need some time to warm up to total strangers.  I don’t know their level of skill when it comes to golf and aside from the stock chit-chat and the occasional “Nice shot,” that’s pretty much my interaction.

That is until you get comfortable with your group.  It’s hard to explain but eventually you warm up to your group.  You’re stuck with them for the next 5 hours so possibly it’s surrendering to that inevitable fact.  Whatever it is, you begin to interact.  You’re all connected by a single thread — you enjoy golf.  You survive the emotional roller coaster that can be a round of golf and at the end of the round your group has somehow endured those peaks and valleys with you.

This is where excels.

What does do?

Join GK Plays Tee Times - Discounted Golf Tee Times
Join GK Plays Tee Times – Discounted Golf Tee Times not only prepares a golfer on what to expect at the golf course they are playing. not only helps golfers decide where to play their next round of golf. also creates events where golfers with a similar passion for the sport we love can play and interact.

We do have competitive events for those individuals that crave competition but we also create events that stir camaraderie and oftentimes lasting friendships.  And unlike competing sites we provide a regular venue that allows golfers of all skill levels tied by their love of golf to play and enjoy their round of golf — together.

How do we do it?

That is very simple.  We play golf.  We offer an opportunity for our members to interact online in our very active forums, but we also offer our members the opportunity to play golf at premiere golf locales like Monarch Beach, Angelus National or Sandpiper just to name a few. creates golf venues or more exactly opportunities for golfers to interact.  From our Meet & Play, GK Events, to our newest GK Plays or our GK Match Play.  We offer all levels of golfer a way to play golf and meet like minded folks with a similar if not fanatical love of golf.

Join GK Plays Tee Times - Discounted Golf Tee Times
Join GK Plays Tee Times – Discounted Golf Tee Times

Let’s look at each of these types of venues.

On a casual note, we offer our Meet & Play.  It’s an opportunity for any golfer with a tee time to invite other golfers to play.  Say your buddies backed out and you have an extra slot available.  You just post the Meet & Play and one of our members may bite at the chance to play that golf course.  Many of our GK Staffers will post a Meet & Play.  Check it out.  Click HERE to find out more information.

GK Events
GK Events

Our GK Events is our Cadillac golf venue.  Play some great golf with spectacular conditions at some of California’s most prestigious golf courses.  Originally called our GK Causal Golf Outing, it offers golfers who want to play competitively the added dimension of tournament play with a ceremony afterwards as well as a social aspect of mixing with like minded golfers before, during and after the round.  This is our 8th year sponsoring venues like GK Events.  Click HERE to find out additional information.

GK Match Play takes competition to a new level.  Currently based here in Southern California, it pits North, South, East and West sections of Southern California against each other to win the coveted GK CUP.  It’s just a cup but it represents several regional competitions culminating a free round of golf at one of California’s premiere golf locations for the lucky finalists.

GK Plays Tee Times - Discounted Golf Tee Times
GK Plays Tee Times – Discounted Golf Tee Times

Finally there is our latest creation – GK Plays.  GK Plays operates on a smaller scale and at local golf courses.  You still have the structure of playing in a tournament but the focus is more on playing a round of golf with friends.  It’s’s latest endeavor to bring golf to the golfer.  It is designed to create additional opportunities to play golf, all they need is you.  We choose the course when it’s at its best playing condition.  You get the advantage of playing some great golf when conditions are at their best and you get to tell us how it was by writing a golf course review afterwards.  Interested in GK Plays?  There are several tee times still available, check them out HERE.

Golfing social is not only possible but very probable with  Play some great golf courses.  Interact with folks that share the same passion for golf.  Play in some great conditions.  All this because you joined one of Golf Social Networks largest vibrant online golf community.  Check us out.  Sitting on the fence, take the leap of faith and join us at one of our upcoming events.

We are and now you Know Before You Go!