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GreensKeeper Reviews + Alerts App: SEARCH > COURSES Feature

Powerful Search Features Helping You Decide Where to Play Next

GreensKeeper.Org APP -- Download FREE. Available NOW!
GreensKeeper.Org APP — Download FREE. Available NOW!

One of the great things about the website is its ability to show which course(s) is(are) aerating their greens at a glance.  You can’t get this sort of information anywhere else.  Believe me I have tried looking.  

This is golfing gold for us avid golfers.  I mean who wants to play when they just aerated their greens? Wouldn’t you like to have all this information at your fingertips and on the go?  

The GreensKeeper Reviews + Alerts App does this and more.  

Let the GreensKeeper App help you navigate this veritable mine-field of punched greens.  Be in the know.  Know Before You Go with the GreensKeeper App.  

Here’s How the Search > Courses Feature Works

GreensKeeper App Search Courses Feature
GreensKeeper App Search Courses Feature. See Where Local Courses are Under Maintenance at a Glance

When you open your GreensKeeper App from the Home screen tap the Green Flag Icon with a magnifying glass (located upper Right Corner of your Home Screen on the GK App.)

Select Courses located on the green bar.  Select the option “Near Me.”

Using your iPhone’s GPS it will locate all the golf courses within 50 miles from your present location and place them in a list with the closest to you at the top – Very Convinient. 

Notice the Colored pins along the left column adjacent to your local golf courses.  

Green Pins – No Maintenance at present

Red Pins – Currently under Major Maintenance (i.e. Aeration)

Yellow Pins – Currently under Minor Maintenance (small tine used on greens)

White Pins – Maintenance is currently Planning and coming soon.  

It’s handy to see where local golf courses are under maintenance.  Navigate this season’s Aeration.  Download this FREE App today and avoid the frustration that comes along with playing punched greens.  Golf is hard; why add to the frustration?!

Here’s to putting smooth greens!