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Golf Course Review Tierra Rejada Golf Club Moorpark California

Tierra Rejada Golf Club

Golf Course Review Tierra Rejada Golf Club Moorpark California

Reviewed by: sbarajasjr, San Diego
Played here this morning (9/16) with a couple of older gentlemen who were great company. I had played here for the first time earlier this year and I enjoyed the layout and today was no different. I believe conditions this time were possibly even better, even with this major heat up & down So. Cal has been suffering from. Played okay overall but the course was not really to blame.

The Review

Golf Course Playing Conditions 6.97 GOOD
Golf Course Playing Conditions 6.97 GOOD

Tee boxes: Okay condition but they could use some leveling. All the boxes had a bit of chewed up turf, and the ground was certainly not as level as it could have been.

Fairways: Good shape with a fair amount of run, even if they were incredibly wet at tee off and dried out during the morning. Not a lot of divots given the amount of play this course was getting and many people seemed to fill their divots.

Rough: Thick and penal in places, however the native area was far more punishing than any of the rough.

Bunkers: The weakest part of the course; they were awful in my opinion. No bunker had an adequate amount of sand, the sand that WAS present was dirt-like and somehow more than a few of the bunkers had water/mud in them which made them unplayable.

Greens: The highlight of the round. They were vibrant with a nice green color, a good true roll to them and slow to medium speeds. Some of the pin placements were insanely unfair, but it was good to put my skills to the test.

Final Thoughts

ETC: Staff was friendly, including the cart attendant who came around at least twice. Carts had good juice but no GPS and considering the terrain, they could stand to have gas powered carts here. Layout is great, except for 17 which really does feel like they forgot to include it in the original schematics and tucked it in last minute.

Green fees seemed more than fair and anyone who lives close to here should check it out.