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OPINION UPDATE: Corona Virus And Your Local Golf Course

Public Service Announcement PSA

DISCLAIMER:  This is an OPINION piece.  It is not to be taken as gospel.  The points and arguments set forth are the express opinions of the writer and do not expressly coincide with the opinions of management of or GreensKeeper LLC.  Do this at your own risk.


The sky is falling!  The sky is falling!  — Chicken Little

It’s madness out there.  The media is spinning their doom and gloom predictions.  The federal and state governments are shutting down services and businesses.  The basic tenets of the actual message, however, has not changed:

  1.   Wash Your Hands with Soap Often
  2.   Don’t Touch Your Face
  3.   Keep Your Distance from Others (Social Distancing)
  4.   Protect the Elderly.

Who do we believe?  What do we do?  What precautions do we follow?  Not being Doctors or medical professionals, we laypeople can only use our common sense in this sort of situation.  Panic is the last thing we should do.  It accomplishes nothing.  It only creates more aggravation and despair.

What we do know is that COVID-19 is here.  We can do nothing to prevent that from happening.  In light of this harsh reality though if we practice these basic tenets above we can limit or reduce the opportunity of being infected with this virus.  (Be sure to check on our previous posts regarding home-made Hand Sanitizer and Disinfectant).

Remember it’s ALSO cold and flu season and with spring just around the corner allergies are going awry as well –be diligent!  Be smart.  Play Safe.


In the meantime now would be a great opportunity to eat properly.  That is to say eat your fruits and vegetables.  Improve your immunity it’s perhaps the best way to combat this virus.  You do this by eating your fruits and vegetables.  Eat healthy.  Be smart.  Play safe.

To Golf or Not to Golf?

Until we get advice from our local governments, we can still follow these basic tenets; limiting our exposure to risk.  So can we still play golf?

That is the questions isn’t it?

As stated we’re not doctors or medical professionals but using reason we can still enjoy a round of golf if we employ these safety measures.  (Golf Course Operators be sure to check this blog post regarding what you can do to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 HERE.)

Check out what Golf Digest has to say about COVID-19 HERE.

Editors Nate:  Added 3/10/20 Additional articles include Golf Magazine: Golf and the Coronavirus:  How to Play with Confidence, According to an Expert.

Look at it this way, with all these “Shelter in Place” directives we will all get a little stir crazy being cooped up in our own homes.  Perhaps a little away time will be needed?  Perhaps you need some fresh air.  Perhaps you have this itch you can’t scratch without a round of golf.

Whatever it is  you will have to get out sometime.  Why not at a place where you can employ proper spacing and some good personal hygiene (wash your hands or use hand sanitizer regularly.)  Walk the course.  Ride and ask the starter for a single rider fee.  Keep your distance but play smart and play safe.

With golf you get sunshine, fresh air, and exercise.  It would be safe to say so long as you employ these basic tenets you could limit your exposure to COVID-19.

Whatever you decide to do is your responsibility.  It is the opinion of this writer that as stewards of the game and golf enthusiasts we will use our wits to mitigate exposure and get to play these golf courses to let off a little steam during this trying time.

Play smart.  Be safe.