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#Own125 Putting Speed

#Own125 Putting Speed

#Own125 Putting Speed

It’s all about the Short Game

It really is.  80% of your strokes lost to par focus on the short game.  Knowing what to do and when, is the key to lowering your score.  Put more effort where it counts the most — making those chips and pitches onto the green, getting close to the hole and making par putts.

Don’t be a statistic.  Make the majority of your shots 125 yards and in.  Shoot better scores.  Watch this video.  See for yourself why you should #Own125.

Use the tools made available from our ongoing #Own125 series to make those scoring opportunities a reality. Save more pars, make more birdies with this great tip from Dave Pelz and Cleveland Golf.  Check out this great, informative video below.

Dave Pelz explains the science behind the ideal speed for every putt. Yes, there is an ideal speed to hole putts! See more tips from the legendary short game guru here –


Golf is supposed to be easy.  You just have to give yourself the skill sets to make it easy.  Check out our previous Short Game tips from Dave Pelz and Cleveland Golf.

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You can never know too much to help improve your game.  #Own125, own your short game.  Every week we will provide you another snippet of sage advice courtesy of Dave Pelz and Cleveland Golf.  You can be that player that can save par, make that crucial birdie.  It’s all possible through the short game.  Create your own scoring opportunities, because at the end of the day, it doesn’t count until it goes in.

All these golf videos and sponsorship of #GKPlays is made possible through the gracious support of Cleveland Golf.  #Own125.  Make your short game in golf the key to your success. It’s Where Scoring Matters.