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PICTURE ROUNDUP: GK Guru Visit Enagic Golf Club at Eastlake, Chula Vista California

Enagic Golf Club at Eastlake Chula Vista California Hole 15 with BCB in attendance

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Posted: 07/09/20 7:51a
Member Since: Mar 26, 2003
From: San Clemente
Played July 9 with Gurus JohnnyGK and Gary00. First time back to Enagic / Eastlake in 20 years. Some really nice views out here. Nice breeze made it very comfy out there, an easy course to walk.

Something you don’t see much of these days, a course actually making a serious effort to improve. They are adding bunkers, adding some length with new tees, increasing the size of some greens. Grass range is decent. Two large putting greens and a chipping green.

The course layout is a nice mix. Although it runs through a housing tract, there is a ton of space and the fairways are much lower than the houses and both sides slope towards the fairways. The result is the houses rarely come into mind at all, you’d have to be 50 yards offline in the air to risk a house.

The Review

Golf Playing Conditions 7.52 GREAT
Golf Playing Conditions 7.52 GREAT

Generally, the course is in good condition. Greens were nice, generally soft but you would get a firm bounce once in a while. Fairways are good, very nice grass coverage. The rough can be penal in spots with very thick grass. Bunkers were nice. There are many areas being worked on, so you will get a bad lie once in a while.

In all, I really enjoyed the layout, and this definitely looks like a course on the way up. The SD county rates seem reasonable to me and if I was in county I’d add Enagic to my rotation. A bit to long of a drive to get there from San Clemente to pay the much higher out of county rates for me though. But I do hope it is not another 20 years until I return. Recommended!