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Recent Golf Course Reivew Cimarron Golf Resort BOULDER Cathedral City California

Cimarron Golf Resort (Boulder)

Cathedral City, CA

Reviewed by: sixpez, Rancho Mirage, CA
Played 36 on the Boulder course today with Itslikeimsayin. One review.

It’s kind of become an annual tradition because Underpar always puts out the killer deal of $39 total for two players with a same-day replay. We teed off our first round at 6:24 with a single who left after about 11 holes. First round approx. 3 hours and then slower during the second round, but still around 4 hours for that round.

The Review

Golf Playing Conditions 5.93 GOOD
Golf Playing Conditions 5.93 GOOD

The course was in pretty nice pre-summer shape from tee to green. Tee boxes were good, though a few are a bit unlevel. Fairways nice and lush for the most part with some scattered thin/brown/bare patches. Rough nicely kept with some weak spots, too, cut low and very enjoyable to hit from with the ball sitting up. Rough was generally very nice around the greens, as well. Mark encountered a gravel pit in the right fairway bunker of the first hole, and I had a lot of pebbles in the greenside bunker of that same hole. However, the rest of the bunkers I was in had good sand.

The greens were bit all over the place, especially as they were watered early, dried out and watered again as we played two rounds. Speeds tended to vary from hole to hole. There were a few greens (especially holes 1-2) that were really beat up and burnt out. Then, the majority were fine, rolling anywhere from dreadfully slow to medium (usually when you’re not expecting it to run out on you). Like I said, really varied based on wetness/dryness, thin-ness, etc. of any given green. They are aerating the greens next week, so they’ll be transitioning to the summer turf soon enough and that will probably help overall.

Parting Thoughts

I kind of have a soft spot for this course because we play it every year with this great deal and now it’s very close to home for me. It’s not a destination course, but it’s a solid enough round of golf. Very forgiving layout and I’d say generally above average conditions, especially in relation to the deals they offer throughout the late spring and summer months.