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Recent Golf Course Review Admiral Baker Golf Course (NORTH) San Diego California

Admiral Baker Golf Course (North)

San Diego, CA

Reviewed by: weber2323, San Diego, CA

Golf Playing Conditions 5.81 GOOD
Golf Playing Conditions 5.81 GOOD

Played a couple of times this past week. Overall course is ok and certainly good enough for my golf itch. Teed off in the morning both times and there was quite a bit of frost on the course. After it melted it seemed a little damp but I’m sure towards the afternoon you couldn’t tell.

Greens were ok. Faster in the beginning of the round. I couldn’t figure that out maybe the frost made the greens slick and the water after it melted slowed it down? Still a lot of ball marks out there.

Fairways were good. A lot of divots out there that need to be filled but it was good to hit from. A few bad areas in a couple of fairways.

Rough is not bad. A few areas the ball can settle down in but generally the rough won’t alter your shot selection.

Bunkers were nice. Probably the most sand I’ve seen in them and nice to hit from. They just need to be raked from the previous day.

Conditions will not wow you but the course has it challenging holes and pretty affordable that I’ll continue to keep it in my rotation.