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Recent Golf Course Review Anthem Revere Golf Club CONCORD Henderson Nevada

Anthem Revere Golf Club (Concord)

Henderson, NV

Reviewed by: rob1563, Las Vegas

Golf Playing Conditions 6.29 GOOD
Golf Playing Conditions 6.29 GOOD

Played Friday, 1/26, with a 8:50 tee time booked through Last Minute Golf for $43 each. Parking lot and club house was packed due to a tourney on Lexington, but they set up a separate bag drop/staging area and everything went smooth. I usually don’t buy items in the pro shop due to the mark up, but found they sold Monument Golf’s stick it strap for lasers for less than online and snatched 1 up.

The all grass range was closed due to mechanical issues with the picker and the putting green was closed due to a frost delay. Also due to the frost delay, tee times were pushed back about 45 minutes, but they sent the early groups out as a shotgun and we went off on time. Never saw the group in front of us, let a 2some play through on 11, and finished in about 4:30.

Course was in good winter condition, for the most part. Tee boxes on the 4s and 5s were good, but the Par 3s were a little beat up and not level. Fairways were great. Firm, with lots of roll, and almost complete coverage (except for an area of #8). Rough was dormant bermuda, which caused some troubling shots around the greens, but allowed shots in the mounds to roll into the fairway. Bunkers were the low point. Thin, rocky, and some were missing rakes. Greens were firm, smooth, and rolled slower than they looked.

Definitely worth it for the price. Wish it wasn’t completely across the valley for me. I love Concord over the Lexington course (as the kids say, don’t “at” me). Great mix of short and long holes, big elevation change Par 3s, a couple of tough, almost straight uphill holes (9, 17), and one of the best closing holes in the Vegas area.