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Recent Golf Course Review Avila Beach Resort Golf Course Avila Beach California

Avila Beach Resort Golf Course

Avila Beach, CA

Reviewed by: Alex326, Monterey, Ca

Golf Playing Conditions 5.43 GOOD
Golf Playing Conditions 5.43 GOOD

I’ve played Avila a half dozen times or so and conditions seem to come and go like the tide. Greens were in decent shape. Firm and fast. They had a few pitch marks here and there that caused some bumps and lumps, but weren’t too bad overall.

Fairways were ok. Tee boxes were absolutely atrocious.

As for the layout, it’s a blast. Avila is a shot makers course with a few wide open holes to blast away in between. The track has hills to negotiate like the par 5 #3 you have to go up and over to get to the small green, a few lakes/ponds surrounding par 3 greens and three forced carries over the ocean inlet.

Hole #11 also has a small cutout in the middle if a hill that you have to negotiate. Other tee shots require place kicker accuracy to split the uprights between trees planted on both sides of the tee boxes. Fun times!!

You will use every club in your bag and every shot in your arsenal. Fun factor meter on this course is pegged, with conditions …. Good enough to let you post a good score but bad enough to give you an excuse if you don’t.