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Recent Golf Course Review Buenaventura Golf Course Ventura California

Buenaventura Golf Course

Ventura, CA

Reviewed by: pedro7170, Camarillo

Playing Conditions 7.15 GREAT
Playing Conditions 7.15 GREAT

Good morning GreensKeeper golfers. I just want to share with all of you. This last Monday, August 13th; I had the opportunity to played Buena Ventura Golf Course with two GK’s golfers. Our tee time was at 1:00 PM and paid $25.00 walking rate. The price was well worthy. We finished our round in 4 hours.

Customer services as always the best. They receive you with a smile and if the course is not to busy they will let you tee off earlier then your tee time appointment.

But let me tell you about the Golf Course:


I have played Buena Ventura many times and I have never, never seen their Fair Ways as I did this last Monday. They are in EXCELLENT conditions. Very green and not to much water by the greens as I have seen before. I was very impress how other golfer are being taking care of their fair way debits. There weren’t many of them.


Excellent conditions. We played from the black tees and they were just beautiful and well level with exception of a few holes. But overall they were level and you didn’t had to look for a level spot to hit your shot. Great Job green Keepers.


The best that I have ever seeing at Buena. The ball was rolling and debits were fixed by other golfers. But at the time that we were finishing our round; I did noticed that some greens at the end were a little bouncing, where the ball was not rolling as smooth as prior greens. But it was fund to see my buddies making their puts.

Sand Bankers:

This is the only thing that Buena Greens Keeper has to work on. I did hit a few bankers and the sand was very low; as I hit my banker shot my club will bounce as there were not much sand to hit from. I was able to see the mud under the sand every shot I hit from the bankers.

I hope and Buena adds more sand to their sand bankers. It will make your round more fun.

Final Thoughts

Over all, I rated Buena Ventura Golf Course an 8 except the Sand Bankers I gave them 6.  If you haven’t played Buena lately; you have to get up there and do. Again the golf course it’s in great conditions.

Thank you for reading my review and get up there and hit the ball.

Editor’s Note:  Playing Buenaventura soon?  Let the Staff and Management know that Greenskeeper.Org sent you!

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