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Recent Golf Course Review Talking Stick Golf Club (O’odham) Scottsdale Arizona

Talking Stick Golf Club (O’odham)

Scottsdale, AZ

Reviewed by: jciapa02, Mesa, AZ

Golf Playing Conditions 8.18 GREAT
Golf Playing Conditions 8.18 GREAT

Played the newly renamed course O’odham (formerly North) for $31 at 2:18 pm on a packed Sunday 05/27.

Setting the Stage

First things first is we called and booked to play the Piipaash (formerly South) because that course is easier and the one my dad wanted to play. Pulling up before the tee time and speaking with the starter, Scott, mentioned to us that Piipaash will be playing slow all day because of the amount of people and O’odham is open, as we looked over at the first tee of Piipaash and there were 2 foursomes waiting. So we took Scott up on the offer and changed courses. I didn’t mind and I think it showed awareness that the starter gave us the choice.

The Review

What Scott mentioned was Piipaash was just host of the Scottsdale Open about a week ago and the course was in “peak” condition. It’s sister course O’odham was this links course was definitely that too. Every tee and fairway was firm and made every shot sit up. The greens were amazingly pure and running around an 11+, really fast compared to most courses pre-summer heat. The bunkers were free of debris and texture good enough to play the shot you wanted regardless of bunker location (there is a lot of them, not Ak-Chin Southern Dunes a lot but there are some tucked away and placed in the fairways).

My Thoughts

The strategy and design of this course is difficult enough to make you grind all day. Not a course per say where you’ll have a lot of triple or bigger for bogeys but it seems like you can never get your footing to score. The first hole is easy and straightforward, however right after you have the hardest hole par 5 second according to women’s handicap and the following par 4 is the hardest hole according to men’s handicap. The first par 3 is a mid-iron bunker guarded green at the 6th. Every shot needs to be calculated (can be thanks to on cart touchscreen GPS) and every 4 foot putt lined up. The holes seems to play off each other well and by the end of the day you realize it’s been an incredibly wearing 18 holes, without any water. Crazy how a course can be difficult without water.

The pace of play (below 4 hours and 10 minutes) and customer service provided makes this course pleasant, while the challenge of the design and landscape makes this a must play in the summer when most won’t drop $150 come Winter/Spring peak.

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