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ROUND UP: GK Plays Ridge Creek Dinuba Golf Club Dinuba California

Ridge Creek Dinuba Golf Club Dinuba California Group 5

Ridge Creek Dinuba Golf Club

ROUND UP: GK Plays Ridge Creek Dinuba Golf Club Dinuba California

Reviewed by: RDDenn, Redondo Beach
Excellently run GK Event once again. Teed off right on time at about 1:20 pm, with the weather cooperating. Hot but not too hot with enough breeze to feel nice while less than a club at most. POP was good also at 4:20. The facilities were first rate. Nice clubhouse, helpful staff, good restaurant. The range area was small and the targets were few, but it was grass.

My Review

Golf Playing Conditions 7.22 GREAT
Golf Playing Conditions 7.22 GREAT

Apparently, there was a NCGA Amateur net qualifier that morning. The pin positions reflected that. Some tough blue positions, such as 15 and 18. Tough greens for that matter. I agree the course should be rated higher, at least as to slope. Some unforgiving greens and rough. The ball tended to roll and many times thought might have stopped short of a hazard to find that the ball had rolled much farther than I had expected. The fairways were nice though. Tight lies but nothing bare. The primary rough was not that much of a factor. Outside the grass was generally brutal. Had a couple of unexpected good lies but losing the ball was more usual.

I liked greens even though they were tough to read and double breaking putts were regular. Tough to get the speed right too. They were definitely interesting. Also, usually rolling up, links style, was an option (note Rob’s 60-yard putt for an epic up and down) but getting the ball to stop in the correct level was very difficult. The bunkers were not so great. The fairway bunkers were rock hard with some dirt clods. The green-side ones had sand but the hitting surface was hit and miss. Had one lousy lie in a depression. No footprints though, which was nice to see. Respect the game.

Final Thoughts

It was a course where local knowledge was a premium. We were lucky to have Darren to let us know where to aim on the more confusing holes. Some very intimidating views from the tees but generally there were generous landing areas. I had fun and it seemed the others did also no matter what the course threw at us. Overall, a well designed course and a fun day.