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ROUNDUP: GK Guru Visit Wood Ranch Golf Club

Wood Ranch Golf Club Simi Valley California

Wood Ranch Golf Club: Private

Simi Valley, CA
Reviewed by: JohnnyGK, Thousand Oaks

Out yesterday, 6/29 with GK Gurus for a review round proceeding the Golf Moose/GK Private Course outing on Monday 7/19. Such a great time. Even though I remembered little from my one and only previous round at Wood Ranch Golf Club in 2010, I did remember from that previous round what a fun golf course this is…as well as challenging. How challenging? … well back in 1987 the Senior Tour stopped coming to Wood Ranch because of difficult greens and high winds. Well, as a resident of nearby Thousand Oaks with relatives in Simi Valley, sure it can get windy but most of the time it is simply beautiful. Yesterday teeing off at 3:00pm and finishing around 7:15pm weather was gorgeous as was the golf course. I took so many photos…check them out posted here.

The layout is fantastic. Long, challenging off the tee with many fairway bunkers and hazards, many doglegs (most left-right), interesting and challenging on approach with well bunkered guarded greens, loaded with risk/reward holes, elevation changes and of course challenging undulating greens. Never a dull moment. In fact always an interesting shot requiring accuracy and thought. Above all, like I mentioned already, this is a FUN track.

Playing conditions were great. Greens smooth, moderately fast and holding shots. Fairways lush yet firm bermunda turf with full coverage other than a few ground under repair sections near the greens. Rough mostly lush but spotty thin at times. Thankfully the bermunda/kikuyu rough was cut down and very playable. I can only imagine how much tougher the course would be if the rough was up. Bunkers, all well-groomed with quality sand. The first inch or two of sand is soft but then is very firm. Totally playable and easy to hit out of but at first it took a little getting used too. The great thing is ALL the bunkers are the same sand texture so one you get them dialed your sand game improves. And let me tell you, I was in a ton of them – lol. Tee boxes in super shape. Immaculate and level.

If I was considering joining a Private Course, I would for sure, given how fantastic the golf is, the very polite service/staff, seriously consider Wood Ranch GC. If you are considering a private course, I highly recommend to check this one out, contact Janet Smith, their Membership Director at Super nice/professional personal.