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Happy Labor Day!

Happy Labor Day

Labor Day is the end of summer.  It’s a no-no for anyone wearing white, and most important in this era of consumerism — SALES! 

Why do we celebrate Labor Day?  It is important to celebrate everyone that works for a living.  You are the true heroes.  You provide for your families.  You put food on the table.  Hopefully provide inspiration to your children to carry on your work and even surpass you.  

So hats off to us!  Now that you have suitably patted yourself on the back; time for some golf!

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Arizona Aeration Alerts for Summer 2020

It’s that time again folks — Maintenance Time.

Be in the know.  Know Before You Go with  Click HERE for additional information and golf course maintenance schedules.  While we do our best to ensure all information is accurate and timely, we recommend calling ahead to ensure you have the most current information.  

We realize that it’s perhaps one of the most dreaded times for golfers who love golf. But remember this. A golf course does not willingly want to present you a course with aerated greens. It’s simply a part of their responsibility as stewards of the game to provide you a consistent product. That means a good golf course operator must aerate their greens. Not to annoy you, but rather to provide you a consistent product .

Aeration why it's important
Aeration allows air and water to reach the roots, relieve soil compaction and promote healthy root growth.
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Happy Father’s Day

Father's Day

Here’s to all the Fathers.  Today’s your day.  Enjoy it.  You’ve earned it.

Happy Father’s Day!

“I’ve said it before, but it’s absolutely true: My mother gave me my drive, but my father gave me my dreams. Thanks to him, I could see a future.”

Now it’s time to cash in your good behavior chips and ask your significant one permission to play some golf!
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Happy New Year 2020!

Happy New Year from

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Wishing you and yours the very best this year has to offer!
Now Go Play Some Golf.

P.S. We know it was late in coming but after a little rest over the Holiday we are good to go; bringing you more golf course reviews, more GK Outings and definitely more Course Conditions and Aeration alerts you could shake a stick at!  Stay tuned.