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UPDATE: COVID-19 DON’T PANIC. You’re Not Alone – What Other Golfers Are Talking About

Public Service Announcement PSA

We are all scared.  We get it.  But we cannot be a mob of scared people.  Scared people do irrational things.  We have to approach this like a problem that can be solved or at the very least mitigated.  And we mitigate this fear by knowing as much as can about what is currently available from all the reputable sources.  

We have compiled some information and blog posts you can refer and hopefully pull back the curtain of uncertainly.  

Be safe.  Play Smart.  Know Before You Go with  

DISCLAIMER:  This is an OPINION piece.  It is not to be taken as gospel.  The points and arguments set forth are the express opinions of the writer and do not expressly coincide with the opinions of management of or GreensKeeper LLC. Do this at your own risk.

CDC: Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)

CDC: How it Spreads

CDC:  Protect Yourself

CDC:  Managing Anxiety & Stress  Golfer Self-Care  COVID-19 Golf Course Closures  Temporary Course Closures – Master List

Golf Magazine:  Golf and the Coronavirus; How to Play with Confidence, according to an Expert

Golf Digest:  Can You Play Golf Amid Coronavirus Concerns? With Proper Precautions, yes

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