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Golf Course Review Ridge Creek Dinuba Golf Club Dinuba California

Ridge Creek Dinuba Golf Club

Golf Course Review Ridge Creek Dinuba Golf Club Dinuba California

Reviewed by: Alex326, Monterey, Ca

Played Ridge Creek mid-morning under the threat of rain but the day turned out to be absolutely perfect. The unseasonably warm (and dry) temperatures have the dormant grass starting to come back alive.

The Review

Golf Playing Conditions 7.11 GREAT
Golf Playing Conditions 7.11 GREAT

Fairways remain a mixture of green and brown color but present a fine hitting surface all around. Tee boxes were similar in nature with all being nice and level and most divot free. Even the two short par 3’s had good grass on the tee boxes to hit from. Greens at Ridge Creek are medium plus in size and all have some minor to moderate undulations making long lag putts tough but doable. The good news is that the greens at Ridge Creek are soft and very receptive to approach shots. In fact it’s very easy to get a lot of spin on well struck iron or wedge.

The greens did have a few repaired and unrepaired pitch marks (come on folks, bend down and fix your ball mark). Having said that I don’t remember either of us having a putt affected by a pitch mark.

I was in about 4 bunkers total between green-side and fairway. All were pretty much hard-pan dirt. One did have a thin layer of sand on the top and one had several pebbles throughout it. Course wasn’t overly busy but we did wait on the group in front of us for must of our shots, yet POP was at around 3.5 hrs. so no real complaints.

Ridge Creek is a true “links” style course with a premium on accuracy over length. Get off line and it’s lost ball city in the deep weeds/grass and bushes between fairways. The fairway bunkers are also to be avoided at all costs as it is often lob wedge to come out to avoid the steep ledges.

I always enjoy my round at Ridge Creek and look forward to the next round here.