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What is Meet & Play?

Golf Tee Time

Meet & Play:  Sharing your Golf Experience with other Golfers

GK Meet & Play
GK Meet & Play: Bringing Golfers Together

Golf doesn’t have to be a solitary sport.  Share your experience with other like-minded golfers.

Have a tee spot available?  Consider Greenskeeper.Org’s Meet & Play.

Meet & Play is just that.  Meet other golfers and play some golf.  Create lasting friendships with other golfers in your area.  Play competitively or not.  Play golf and share the experience.

Meet & Play was originally conceived as a way to get golfers together playing golf in a less structured and more informal manner.  Just like playing as a single at a golf course, Meet & Play pairs you with other golfers with tee times.

Have a tee time where your buddies backed out?  Still want to play?  No worries.  Post it here on Meet & Plays and find players interested in play a little golf with you.

Since it is informal there are no sponsored GK contests or prizes; only the opportunity to play with other golfers who have a tee time.

It’s very simple use.

  1. Join  Membership is free.
  2. From the homepage, click the Meet & Play tab.
  3. Join with other golfers playing golf in your area.  Meet & Play outlines available tee times that members in our community have space available.  Think of it as ride-sharing without the transportation and more playing golf.
  4. Communicate with other golfers through the internal GK Messaging system.
  5. Play some golf.

You’re just a few mouse clicks away.

Goose Creek Golf Tee Times
Goose Creek Golf Tee Times

Now if Meet and Plays is not your cup of tea, be sure to check out our latest GK Plays at Goose Creek Golf Club this August 31 2015.  Have the time?  Join us!  Space is limited.  But if you’re unable to attend our latest GK Plays consider our upcoming GK Plays.  Great Golf is in your future!