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AFTER COVID-19: Golf Courses Picking Up the Pieces

Public Service Announcement PSA

Editor’s NOTE:  This is an Opinion piece.  It does not reflect the official policy of, GreensKeeper LLC or it’s affiliates. 

No matter how you slice it COVID-19 (the Coronavirus) is out there.   And truthfully a vaccination is at a minimum 12-13 months away.  

But what happens when they begin to lift these mandates?  Does life go back to normal?  Unfortunately, the short answer is NO.  This is our new reality.  

There are ways to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 and in some way buy us more time.  By giving us more time it allows medical experts to provide a better understanding of this disease and with it, hopefully, a cure.  To that end, it’s not the end of the world.  It’s the start of a new one.  We have a singular choice here.  We can either cower in fear of it or as we at have chosen — to embrace this challenge and all the unique circumstances it presents itself.

I have a healthy respect for COVID-19 but I refuse to be ruled by fear.  

Who is the Author–  Vic Flores?  By day I am a healthcare worker in charge of 48 mentally ill clients.  It is my responsibility to room & board, care & supervise theses individuals.  I have made it my personal responsibility to ensure their well-being during this uncertain time.  My wife is a manager of one of the South Bay’s largest hospitals and currently in charge of several COVID-19 wings.  

Marketing 101 for Golf Courses

As a golf course operator what do you do?  The most obvious is be sure to have a COVID-19 mitigation plan in place.  Ask yourself, what can you do for golf course operations to mitigate the spread of COVID-19?  How will you keep both your staff and patrons safe?  If you don’t have an idea, consider reading a previous post here:  Coronavirus: What Should Golf Courses Do?

Once you have the plan in place and your whole staff has bought into this HUGE endeavor spread the word to your golfing public.  The first plan would be to use your own home-grown email list.  Keep them posted to what you have been doing.  If you want feedback now is the time to ask your audience for advice — Get a conversation with your audience going.  Inform them while there is still time to tailor what you think your patrons would respond.  

If you don’t have a set email list, not to fear.  Start with your own Men’s and Women’s golf club.  Get them involved.  Expand your audience by tapping services like GreensKeeper to get your message to an even larger avid golfer base.  (Editor’s Note:  We can tailor make down to the zip code an email list you can market your services.  Contact us for details.  Click HERE)


Consider the sales products and services has to offer.  We are a cost effective solution for any size golf course.  We work with high-end daily fee to your municipal golf course.

Fun Fact: 60% of our 70,000+ online golf community reside in California.  Out of that 60%, 80% are 34+ old, and 70% play more than 24+ rounds of golf per year.  Spread the word using GreensKeeper.Org as your “Tap” List and watch your positive message catch on like wild fire.  

The GK Coupon after 10,000+ downloads resulting in over $450,000 sales to participating golf course operators since 2016 can help your operations fill tee times which ordinarily are left unused.  

When you finally reopen golf courses to a hungry golfing public get noticed using our no-obligation, FREE to download GK Coupons.  It could even be a current offer you only show to your locals.  Whatever it is we market these GK Coupons to our GK Community via Email, Social Media, Blog Posts and the like.  You get noticed quickly and WE SHARE THAT DATA WITH YOU — as part of the Par Package.  We at want your golfing operations to succeed and as your partner in marketing we take efforts to make that happen.  

Marketing Using the GK Gurus

Hopefully your golf conditions are perhaps the best they have been since play has been postponed.  Take advantage of this unique situation.  Invite our GK Gurus to play your course.  They play your course, write their review and if conditions are good or better, expect a surge in interest from your golfing public at large.  

What are GK Gurus?  They are specially trained individuals that are a part of our GK Online Golf Community that have distinguished themselves as prolific golf course review writers in addition to the amount of golf they consume.  Click HERE to find out more regarding our GK Gurus. 

Our gurus come to your golf course, avail themselves of your product and service and then write golf course reviews. then uses these original golf course reviews, photos and social media and markets your golf course and operations to the general golfing public at large. 

Nothing beats a personalized touch when it comes to recommending a golf course to others.  After all at we are the GOLD Standard when it comes to letting golfers Know Before You Go. is the golf course review site that help golfers decide where to play their next round of golf.   The competition can’t even hold a candle to us.  

Lemons into Lemonade

For sure these are interesting times.  I am just spit-balling here.  There is a glimmer of hope.  All is not lost here. 

These are just a few ideas.  Everyone’s situation is unique and therefore requires our undivided attention.  

In fact I submit this gives you the opportunity to expand your previous business model.  It won’t be easy.  It will take a lot of work.  It will take the help of your staff and management to buy into this.   So while you’re trying to figure out what your next move will be consider that a little marketing now can set your golf operations up and pay dividends in the near future.  

For additional questions talk to us here at GreensKeeper.Org.  Click HERE and we will contact you as soon as possible.  


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