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It’s that time yet again. 

Even in this era of Covid-19, golf courses still have to maintain their facilities.  It’s a necessary evil.  Please note, it’s not personal.  A golf course will not want to knowingly make your outing a nightmare.  You can alleviate some of this frustration by navigating the multitude of local golf courses that will be working on their greens using  

At present, it’s maintenance season (i.e. aeration) in California.  Avoid the hassle, play golf courses that are either aerating at a later date or have just emerged from their maintenance.  Check out these great links, and Know Before You Go with  

California Aeration Alerts 

Northern California

Central California

Southern California

Editor’s Note:  At the time of writing they were currently over 400 Aeration Alerts posted.  Expect that number to increase over the upcoming weeks.