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GK Guru Round Up: Royal Links Golf Club Las Vegas Nevada

Royal Links Golf Club

Golf Course Review Royal Links Golf Club Las Vegas Nevada

Reviewed by: rob1563, Las Vegas

Golf Course Conditions 7.97 GREAT
Golf Course Conditions 7.97 GREAT

Finished the 2 days of doubleheader golf by joining Matt, JohnnyGK, and Ed at Royal Links for a noonish round. Thank you Matt for the invite.

Similar conditions to when I played it December. Fairways are dormant and painted green, but no effect on play. Rough is also dormant and you get a nice contrast to aim. Bunkers, there’s a 105 of them, all brutal, I hate them all, especially the front right one on the Postage Stamp 8th hole. But seriously, good bunkers, just realize it’s better to eat a shot and hit out sideways than to challenge them if you’re more than halfway to the front edge. Greens were smooth and medium speed, which we could not adjust.

To add to Matt’s advise of a bringing a GPS or laser, make sure you look at an overview of the course before you play. There’s an absolute blind green (#2), and a handful of blind shots, especially in the first 6 holes. Make sure you read the hole plaques for some history.

EDIT: it shows I rated 7.3 (vs 7.6 in December), it’s definitely closer to 8 than 7.