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GK Plays Round Up: Rams Hill Golf Club Borrego Springs California

Rams Hill Golf Club Borrego Springs California Hole 18

Rams Hill Golf Club

GK Plays Round Up and Golf Course Review

Reviewed by: JohnnyGK, Thousand Oaks
Super time. Great year end outing. Thanks everyone for coming out. I’ll be posting a recap on Wednesday.

Golf Course Review 8.44 GREAT
Golf Course Review 8.44 GREAT

Course conditions this year compared to last year’s outing were better. But like last year the golf course was rather saturated from all the recent rain. I’m used to Rams Hill Golf Club playing more firm. Sure makes for a long golf course and especially on the back nine when the wind kicked up. But have to say I did enjoy being able to be aggressive with my pitch shots and approaches. Not used to seeing their greens hold shots like that. Speaking of the greens thought they were mostly smooth, medium pace and mostly soft. I remember when the course first opened and the greens were like a pool table. Super firm, lightning fast and very smooth. Smooth and fast was great but it was near impossible to hold shots. How interesting how a golf course changes with maturity.

Fairways were super lush in most places with occasional thin spots where overseed washed out due to some the heavy rains. Still so beautiful and a pleasure to play from. Same goes for the rough. Sand traps had soft excellent well-manicured sand and the tee boxes good coverage/level lies. Aesthetically I don’t know if I’ve see the place look much better. Loved the continued surrounding landscape improvements and clubhouse upgrades (as well as the addition of the golf simulator). Check out the photos I just posted!

Following play we for the first time concluded it inside in their Santa Rosa Room (hope I got the name right). Very nice large private room with views of the 18th hole and driving range. I may want to always have our prizes and announcements in there for future outings.

This year, as in all times, the service was exceptional. Everyone very friendly and professional. The outing organized perfect. I can’t recommend this place enough for group outings and tournaments. Just a great golf experience worth the drive.