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Golf Course Review Brookside Golf Course #2 Pasadena California

Brookside Golf Course #2

Pasadena, CA

Reviewed by: Hollis, Highland,Ca

Golf Playing Conditions 6.12 GOOD
Golf Playing Conditions 6.12 GOOD

Booked a round on that ‘necessary evil website’ we all know for 8:28 on Sunday morning for Brookside E.O. Nay (Course#2) for $42. Arrived about 45 minutes prior to tee time with designs on hitting a few range balls before the round. Range was mats only, which I understand is absolutely necessary due to the incredible volume of patrons of this facility. With about 20 stalls, I was lucky to find a spot. Two practice putting greens, one of which was open.

I don’t know whether it was the high number of walking golfers, more here than any other place I’ve seen before, or the close quarters within the practice area, or what, but there seemed to be a very communal atmosphere among the golfers here. It’s likely attributable to the gracious staff that seemed to handle the high volume of players very effectively. My group teed off about 25 minutes after our scheduled time, but shout out to Wendi, the starter who managed to keep everyone in good spirits despite the late start and informing us that a 5 1/2 hour round was the norm. She was spot on. Wendi performed her job well, in managing the first tee and answering any and all questions we had about the course, and eager to do it.

The Review

Now to the course, fairways lush in most areas, a few dried up areas in some places. 7/10

Tee boxes were mostly level, there were a hand full that forced me to hunt a little bit for a good spot due to excessive divot damage. 7.5/10

Bunkers, which I found a few, some were good sand, with others seemingly more soft dirt than actual sand, but all were playable. The first bunker I found early in my round was kinda fluffy thick moist sand, very playable. Later in the round I found one that was pretty thin. 6.5/10

The rough on this course varies greatly. Between holes within the course, where the sprinklers get to, the rough can be very thick and penal. In some cases you won’t see your ball outside of 15 feet, lol. On the outer edges of the course you can expect lots of very thin lies and dirt. 5/10

The greens on this course were a pleasant surprise actually. Of the high volume of players here, only a very small percentage struggle with not preparing their divots. There was always a few to repair on each green, but not nearly enough to be annoyed about. My guess would put them between 10 and 11 on the Stimp meter, deceptively quick even with plenty of moisture. Not overly undulated, but plenty of slope and breaks to play (best be beneath the hole always).

Final Thought

Overall, a great deal for the price. Be prepared for a long round on a crowded park like setting course, but a very enjoyable place to play. Will return very soon to play the more highly regarded C.W.Koiner (course #1).

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