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Recent Golf Course Review Arrowood Golf Course Oceanside California

Arrowood Golf Course

Oceanside, CA

Reviewed by: sd3bs, Temecula, CA

Golf Playing Conditions 6.83 GOOD
Golf Playing Conditions 6.83 GOOD

Early am four hour round on Sunday. The staff is great even with the issues they have to deal with from time to time.

The tee boxes were great with only a few a little thin. The fairways were a little damp in the low lying areas but the coverage was very good front and back. The short Bermuda is forgiving on some shots if you can keep your misses online.  The rough was fairly thick and pretty damp in places but you could advance the ball. The traps were thin, wet and ugly. The traps were well groomed for the most part but not on par with the rest of the course. The greens were in good shape and not real quick today – some were actually pretty slow compared to what I remember. There were a few greens with quite a few marks in need of repair. Some of the greens are also very large compared to most courses. The wildlife and somewhat rural setting of this course are great.

Worth the drive and recommended!