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Golf Course Review Buenaventura Golf Course Ventura California

Buenaventura Golf Course

Golf Course Review Buenaventura Golf Course Ventura California

Reviewed by: kviser, Saugus, CA

Golf Playing Conditions 7.21 GREAT
Golf Playing Conditions 7.21 GREAT

I played here yesterday. It was a Monday holiday and I was surprised to see the parking lot nearly empty when we arrived at 7:30 a.m. for our 8:03 tee time. Unfortunately, that dream did not last as it was fairly busy both ahead of us and behind. We did finish in about 4 hours, so it wasn’t terrible. I used a text message special they had to save $10 riding; however, it was $45 dollars to ride. Check the course website for specials as they do have a few.

Greens were really nice. Not many ball marks. They held shots, were medium fast, and rolled nicely without any bumpiness.

Fairways were mostly dormant Paspallum grass with various other grasses mixed in as well as the occasional weed. Not the good kind, either. There was the occasional tight lie in the fairways, and with the recent rain it made for challenging conditions. Way too easy to fat shots and remove a ton of sod if you are hitting down on the ball.

The rough was usually nice to hit from as there was more of a mix of grasses that really held your ball up like it was on a tee. Most areas were cut to about an inch and a half, except around some of the water hazards where it was shaved down.

Bunkers had lots of light colored sand and seemed nice to hit from.

Tees were level and in okay condition. I never had a problem with finding a level spot. We played the blues, which seem like the most popular tees on this course. There were a few divots, but mostly it was fine. The other tee boxes looked pristine.

No snack bar facility at this time due to a plumbing problem. We did see a small BBQ grill and ice chests when we finished for the day, but nothing before or during our round.

Overall, I like this course and I will return. I just don’t like their rates, so I will continue to try to find discounts online through their website or elsewhere.