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Golf Course Review Hidden Falls Golf Club Meadowlakes Texas

Hidden Falls Golf Club

Golf Course Review Hidden Falls Golf Club Meadowlakes Texas

Reviewed by: livegolf, Dallas, TX

Golf Playing Conditions 6.15 GOOD
Golf Playing Conditions 6.15 GOOD

I had time for a sunrise round and Hidden Falls was convenient to where I scheduled my other round. I snagged the second tee time of the day (7:37am) and got there early, hoping to be the first out. That worked and I was able to set my own pace! I played the front nine in an hour and then had to get creative on the back and jumped around a couple groups.

Hidden Falls is a municipal course located in an older gated community. Originally I believe the course was called Meadowlakes Country Club and was private at some point in time. I’m not sure when it became city owned but it is nice to see it serving the area’s golfers now.

And, for a municipal course I was impressed with the conditions, especially in the middle of the Texas summer! Everything was well cared for and the course’s green color was very much intact.

Conditions weren’t pristine, but they didn’t affect my score. Everything was functional and there was very little hard-pan. The fairways were full and left a bit long. The tees were cut short and looked solid. The greens had life and rolled fine (medium pace) for $30.

While the layout at Hidden Falls won’t grab your attention it is far from awful. It seemed to have a bit of a Florida vibe to it. The whole course is lined by homes, but I enjoyed the front nine because it plays through a bunch of pecan trees which frame the holes. No doubt the pecan trees add some charm to the place. The back nine is more open with lots of water in play.

Overall Hidden Falls is a solid municipal, nothing flashy though.

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