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Golf Course Review Morro Bay Golf Course Morro Bay California

Morro Bay Golf Course

Golf Course Review Morro Bay Golf Course Morro Bay California

Reviewed by: Nickesquire, Cambria, CA

Golf Playing Conditions 7.37 GREAT
Golf Playing Conditions 7.37 GREAT

Walked the Blacks (6360/70.8/119) in 4H, 45M with Dale, Lonnie and Gary mid day for $32. Partly cloudy, breezy and around 70 made for nice golfing conditions. However, we played behind the foursome from hell. Sharing rental clubs, 2 looked like beginners and 2 looked like they had never played before. They were off to such a slow start that the Marshall told them to start playing best ball halfway up the first fairway.

Their group had already hit roughly a dozen shots and were still barely 200 yards from the tee? 3+ consecutive whiffs were not uncommon. By the 5th tee group members were hitting extra tee shots after their first few attempts went less than 20 yards.

Multiple players quit behind them after the first 6 holes took 2 hours. After two in our group left after 9, they finally waived us through on 14 fairway with holes 15-18 wide open. So they were at least 4 holes behind by that point, because a foursome teed off right in front of them.

We had completed our round and were driving away when they were on 17 green? It seemed like a lot longer than a 4H, 45M round. Glad I was walking and pacing things at least somewhat. It would have been really irritating riding between shots and waiting even longer. The Marshall talked to them twice, without much improvement. Whatever happened to start on the driving range, then play par 3 courses, then move up to executive courses and only when you can at least hit the ball consistently, graduate to a regulation course? Collectively they had no business on a regulation golf course.

The Review

The kikuyu tees were mostly lush, Good overall, but most of the par 3’s were chewed up with divots.

The kikuyu fairways were lush and maintained high, not much roll on these fairways.

The mostly kikuyu rough was lush, not high but thick. It would quickly kill your shots, very little roll, one bounce and stop.

There are only a few sand traps on the course. Was not in any, but they looked okay.

The smallish poa annua greens putted medium speed and were smooth. Some of the softest greens I have putted on in awhile, actually backed up several irons on these greens.

No GPS on the basic carts, small driving range that is shorter clubs only. Customer service was excellent, quick efficient check in, friendly starter who was later the Marshall. Usually no drink cart here.

Additional Thoughts

While there are some shorter holes to start, this is a deceptively long course because of the hills, usual 1-2 club ocean breeze and the kikuyu. Two par 3’s from the Blacks that today were playing 238 and 243 to back pins. I frequently use almost every club in my bag on this course.