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Golf Course Review Mountain View Golf Course West Jordan Utah

Mountain View Golf Course

Golf Course Review Mountain View Golf Course West Jordan Utah

Reviewed by: macnkat, Riverton UT
Played April 29, 2019, @ 9:30am

This is my first time here and first I need to say the staff was far from welcoming. Maybe I caught them on a bad morning, but they were not talkative or friendly. Whatever I can write that off. Also, the maintenance people on the mowers were of the mindset that you need to get out of their way vs them treating you like a customer. One guy on a mower came within a foot of my ball in the fairway while I was standing next to it. None of them pulled over to let golfers play through, they just continued on with their work as if you were in the way.

The course it’self is flat and it reminds me of an executive course except longer. It did not have any ball washers anywhere on the course. Nothing very challenging to speak of. Not a lot of trees either, but some. It is well maintained with the exception of the rough off the fairway. I lost 6 balls within 20′ of the fairway because the grass was so long. The play was slowed considerably because every foursome was out looking for balls that missed the fairway by just a few feet. It’s actually hard to believe you can lose a ball knowing where it hit but that was the case. I asked a player in the parking lot if that was normal and he said it was exceptionally long for some reason so I guess I’ll give it a pass but I felt the need to report it.

I’ll play it again and hopefully, it will be in better shape as far as the rough is concerned. The tee boxes and greens were in very good shape.

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