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Golf Course Review Ojai Valley Inn Golf Course Ojai California

Ojai Valley Inn Golf Course

Golf Course Review Ojai Valley Inn Golf Course Ojai California

Reviewed by: sbarajasjr, San Diego
Played here yesterday (4/27) for the first time ever with some of my girlfriend’s family on a very cool and overcast day with the first available twilight tee-time (2pm). I had only ever passed by the property, but was lucky enough to get invited to play on this iconic and historic course on a very fair $89 rate. I didn’t stay here but from the looks of it, this place is first-class all the way. The course itself was very interesting in the types of holes it has to offer, the layout and how it is worked into the natural Ojai landscape, as well as the staff and condition.

The Review

Golf Playing Conditions 8.22 GREAT

Tee-boxes: Nothing wrong with the tee-boxes other than they were a bit chewed up by the time we teed off. Most everyone was playing blues as even from the tips, this course is very short (with serious teeth). Ground was fairly level all day.

Fairways. Good to great condition. Visually pleasing to the eye, offered a fair amount of roll even with some mist all day, and the lies for shots were never bad.

Rough: The stickiest of the icky. Grabbed your club, swallowed up balls, and overall kept everyone humble all day long. Various type of natural long grass made for a difficult day for those not in the fairway today.

Bunkers: Was in more than a few today and conditions were good, not great. This sand is more the brown dirt style than the August pearl white stuff you’d like to have. I wish the bunkers had more sand in them, but most of the bad shots today were all on me.

Greens: Very good condition. Started off slow and finished closer to the medium-fast level. They were running smooth, even as visually they left something to be desired aesthetically. The breaks were wicked at times and these greens for the most part are tiny (especially in the front). Didn’t hold shots well at all but putted true.

Parting Thoughts

Wonderful carts with Shark Experience integrated and good color GPS. Pace today was just under 4.5 hours but felt very slow at times with a single we had to let pass after hole 3 (even as we waited for him between us and the group ahead who refused to let him pass) and other groups on the back 9 that popped out of nowhere. Routing can get a bit confusing but the property is so beautiful, you almost don’t mind.

Carts equipped with coolers, ice, and water. Fruit and ice stations at least 2 that I saw. Cart attendant came around at least 3 times; food was very good. Parts of the course felt completely isolated and the front plays very different than the back. Highly recommended!