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Golf Course Review Oak Creek Golf Club Irvine California

Oak Creek Golf Club

Golf Course Review Oak Creek Golf Club Irvine California

Reviewed by: lookylookitzadam, San Diego, CA
Pace of Play (POP): 4:30
Weather: Overcast/Mid 60’s
Time: 8:15am – Date: 6/23/19

Service and Amenities:

Golf Playing Conditions 6.36 GOOD
Golf Playing Conditions 6.36 GOOD

Oak creek has amazing personnel working for them. Everyone is very accommodating and helpful. Their cart GPS system is the best I have ever seen; akin to the touch screen on a Tesla since it is huge and in the middle of the cart. The driving range here has been grass every time I have played the course but it is super expensive! Pro-tip: make sure to let them know you are playing that day and you get the “member” price for range balls.


Rolled super true but slower than I would have hoped. Their practice green near the starter was at a totally different speed than the front 9 greens.


The fairways were firm but soft enough to get really nice crisp iron shots with nice shallow divots. Nothing too tricky on any of the tee shots into the fairways, however there are a few speed slots that exist (#10 up the right) that I am still trying to figure out. Great coverage on the fairways with no real divot issues.


Bunkers were definitely penal today. The fairway bunkers were wet on the front 9 and fluffy on the back 9 (temperate swing from 65 at tee off to about 85 by hole 10). A lot of the green-side bunkers were labelled as ground-under-repair and roped off so I do not have any information on those other than they looked to be in excellent shape so I am not sure what their intention was with the Ground Under Repair (GUR.)

Tee Boxes:

Flat with good grass coverage. Some areas were a bit torn up on the par 3s but that is to be expected when their par 3s are long or have a lot of trouble so people hit multiple shots (as we witnessed by watching the group in front of us hit almost every tee shot on each hole.)


About 1.5-2″ long. Depending on how it was sitting, the rough was deep/thick enough to produce dead shots or snap a club face closed.


Great course and a fun layout. Definitely a great course to try but make sure to keep an eye out for deals!

Oak Creek Golf Club Irvine California GK Coupon
Oak Creek Golf Club Irvine California GK Coupon