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Golf Course Review Oak Creek Golf Club Irvine California

Oak Creek Golf Club

Golf Course Review Oak Creek Golf Club Irvine California

Reviewed by: blakej824, Seal Beach, CA

Golf Playing Conditions 6.17 GOOD
Golf Playing Conditions 6.17 GOOD

Started my New Year with an AM round here. POP 4.5 hours, mostly due to the 25-30 mph wind that was making quick play impossible. It was a 3-4 club wind all day until around 17 when it finally started to die. Played with a nice couple who we’re on their 5th day in a row of golf (lucky husband). Staff all around was great as usual here.

Tee Boxes: 7/10. Even and plenty of coverage. Some divot repair needed on par 3s as always
Fairways: 6/10. Good lies all day with ok roll out. Brown and yellow mostly, but not thin.
Rough: 5/10. Hit or miss. In places it was thin with just dirt, and in others it was a club thick.
Bunkers: 5/10. Good sand, just way too much of it. I found it fine but other complained.
Greens: 8/10. They were pretty d%mn pure and the wind blew them out so good luck keeping downhill putts anywhere near the hole.

All and all, definitely worth the $69 I payed. Maybe even around $100. If you’ve never played it I would recommend. Great practice facility too (although you’ll have to sell a kidney for range balls).