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Golf Course Review Penmar Golf Course Venice California

Penmar Golf Course

Golf Course Review Penmar Golf Course Venice California

ALERT: Aeration
Aeration of the greens 4/21 & 4/22.
* Although researches all alerts before posting, we ask that you please contact the golf course for confirmation.

Reviewed by: t8fish, Altadena

Golf Playing Conditions 6.78 GOOD
Golf Playing Conditions 6.78 GOOD

Saturday, 3/14, I was on the West side for an event that I found cancelled when I got there, so headed over to revisit Penmar. They are doing a bunch of remodeling, mainly of the food service area, so the main entrance is roped off and you enter through an access gate in the fence to the right of the building. I was matched up with an easy going twosome already on the tee and teed off directly.

The Review

On the course, things were generally wet, lush and actually in pretty good shape. The teeing grounds are generally level but a little beat up so, while quite serviceable, I would say they are the one aspect that is a little worse for wear relative to the rest of the course. Coverage on the fairways was very good but with the relative lushness and wet, there was minimal roll-out. While rare, their were isolated puddles to be found in some low spots. Rough was pretty consistently full and could be punitive, especially with the wetness, but you could get a bit lucky where the ball set more on top. Missed the bunkers and can’t comment there.

The greens, while littered with worm castings and other small bits, were tight and firm and running about as quick as I’ve seen them there. I remember years ago when they were always fuzzy and slow and this is a complete change from those days.

We played through a brief, misty shower for a hole or so in the middle of the round, but the precipitation mostly held off. One advantage of the weather was no pace of play issue on a course that I have rarely, if ever, seen quite as quiet. It’s a mellow nine that is usually in very good shape for the amount of traffic it gets. Recommended if you are in the area, but more typically, expect a slower pace.